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 I am running for Wake county school board because I want to bring a fresh perspective. While the district has made great strides in many areas, we can do better. I am dedicated to improving student achievement and supporting teachers financially and with advanced training and support. Reducing the achievement gap will be one of my primary concerns when elected. This issue permeates so many other facets of our educational system. Minority students are performing on average of 3 grade levels behind non minority students. This is not a new issue for Wake county schools, but It has not been a consistent top priority for our board.

  I continually strive to aggressively work to help every student reach their fullest potential. Actively listen to and advocate for parents, teachers and administrators in order to provide as much support as they need.  There has been a stagnant complacency with the current board for the past few years. I am that fresh voice that's so desperately needed for positive improvement.


Dorian F. Hamilton Stephenson

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